10467969_1444827082438718_385663179_n 10547364_770751476302358_1323846218_n 924451_491651880979651_1392108286_n 925585_1464594103812216_1754580138_n10598744_669660029788061_646486306_n 10601695_1479863965587275_1583691343_n 10616980_575166279287205_1999194912_n10654911_784830551583442_901209891_n 915460_864075713604918_1067485166_n 10375688_1420574181560611_1180193933_n 10413807_1444477642477208_759438018_n 10467845_597361150361087_1577973417_n 

All carvings are done on re-purposed wood. To commission a piece write samheimer(at)samheimer(dot)com.

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